Our Ship Services​

Husbandry Services

Crew Changes

We offer quick and professional crew change services, at berth and at Anchorage limits. We have performed changes of entire crews, as well as individual persons.
We also provide medical supplies and medical assistance for sick crew members, including hospitalization assistance and doctor’s consultations, using the best hospitals in the immediate area.

Ship Repairs

Bravo Ship Supply can arrange all kinds of marine repair works using only certified and qualified technicians, including the following ranging of services:

In today’s market conditions Bravo Ship supply is the partner you need when it comes on gaining high quality services and on saving money and time in repairing your vessel.

LSA & FFA Service

Inspect, Test, Service, And Certify – Supported by All Major International Classification Society

Fire Fighting Equipments

Life Saving Equipments

Apart from the above, with our strong distributorship model and vast inventory for various marine approved equipment, we can offer our clients with the best prices for all types of Life Saving and Fire Fighting Equipment’s

Sludge & Garbage’s Disposal

Bravo Ship Supply provides Marine Sludge and Waste Oily Water. We provide the best sludge, garbage and oil disposal services in all Chittagong port, Mongla port, Payra Sea Port.

Gas Refill / Exchange Basis

Engineering Works

We can source the right Engineers, IT Technicians, Mechanics, Welders, Fitters as per the request & needs of our good fleet Owners & vessel Captains.